Physical Resources – Health and Safety:

Worker Co-Chair:   Linda French

Laura Maclure

Nanci Morley

Dan Brown


Student Housing Services – Health and Safety

Jeff Wilson

Curtis Holmes


Job Evaluation – Rating:

Scott Reynolds

Nick Gielan

Laura Maclure

Brian Gorman (Alternate)

Dan Brown (Alternate)

Vicki Lusignan (Alternate)



Job Evaluation – Steering:

Janice Folk-Dawson

Nanci Morley

Darrin Chasty


Parking:    Darrin Chasty


Employment Equity:  Janice Folk-Dawson (Alternate: Laura Maclure)


Human Rights Advisory Group:  Janice Folk-Dawson (Alternate: Laura Maclure)


Code of Ethical Purchasing:  Janice Folk-Dawson (Alternate: Laura Maclure)