Wilfrid Laurier – No Board


Wifrid Laurier No Board

Wilfrid Laurier University Administration has requested a “no board” report from the Ministry of Labour. This means they have demanded a lock out and/or strike deadline of 12.01 a.m., July 10th.

The employer has also threatened to impose terms and conditions instead of negotiating a fair contract at the bargaining table.

In response to this unprecedented action, we have no choice but to strike if WLU refuses to move from its position!

Laurier’s proposed language will affect current custodians. Some workers will lose their jobs to contractors. Payment of benefit costs will cause financial hardship for retirees.

The stakes are too high—we need to stand together now, in solidarity, or Wilfrid Laurier University will keep coming back for more and more!

Support CUPE 926 by signing the online petition at www.stopcontractingout.ca which will send a message directly to Max Blouw, President of Wilfrid Laurier University.

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