Letter – Hire For Higher Campaign

This is a letter to be sent to President Vaccarino if you support the Hire For Higher Campaign:

Dear President Vaccarino:

     The members of CUPE 1334 want to promote and provide a higher, responsible standard of healthy welfare, well-being and functionality for all members of the university community. We understand that the workers are doing their very best with the resources currently available to them. Their services are essential to providing us a clean, safe, and appealing work, living, and study environment.

     It appears as though the continuous maintenance of new facilities is not taken into consideration during the planning and construction process. Many of the CUPE staff are assigned more work than they can possibly complete. Increased staffing levels required to help cope with an ever-increasing workload have been repeatedly denied, despite the evidence to support the need. We see the standards of maintenance and cleanliness sliding, and work orders are piling up faster than they can be resolved.

     As a community, we are dissatisfied with your obvious lower standards which affect us all. Without a commitment to adequate funding for front line staffing as the campus continues to grow, this problem of lower standards will only continue to worsen and will have a negative impact on the health and welfare of the entire university community.

     We need you to hire more staff to provide a higher standard on campus. Together, we can all help make a positive difference that will continue to attract new students, staff, and visitors for generations to come.


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President Vaccarino

University of Guelph

President’s Office

Guelph, Ontario

N1G 2W1