CUPE 1334 Evicted!! (Illegally?)

Hi Folks:

The rumors are running around that CUPE 1334 has been evicted from their long-time office in the University Center.  This is to confirm that it did in fact happen today.  In our opinion this action was at the very least, improper, if not illegal.

The locks were changed at about 5:30pm last night and then an email was sent stating that the Landlord had elected to terminate the Lease due to our ongoing dispute.  At approximately 7am the University seized all of the property of CUPE 1334 that was secured in our office.  In-fact they seized everything and had it all shipped to a storage location off campus and initially would not tell us where it was sent.  It is our belief that this was an illegal seizure.  The Campus Police were there and were required to enforce this eviction and CUPE 1334 called in the City Of Guelph Police.  The City of Guelph Police recommended that this situation be dealt with through our lawyer.  CUPE National has been made aware of this situation.

We have subsequently regained possession of all of the items that had formerly been in our office and are in a secure storage facility.  Neither the University nor the Moving Company will be able to access those possessions again.

CUPE 1334 Executive will continue to operate as best as we can under these more difficult situations and can still be reached through our Union Phones and our email addresses.  If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us.

Various groups on campus have offered us the use of their office space and CUPE 1334 would like to say thank you for your offer and support.

Another rumor that I would like to address is that we will be hiring a lawyer and that the Local Members would be footing the bill.  CUPE National has a Legal Team that CUPE Locals can access the services of.  That is what our Union Dues pay for.  We pay our dues and a portion of those dues is paid to CUPE National as a monthly Per Capita payment.  Those Per Capita payments pay for the services of the Legal Team, Researchers, National Representatives, as well as various other Support Staff members, too numerous too list.  We don’t have to deal in rumors (innocent or vicious).  Call us, email us, attend the General Membership Meetings and ask us.

There is a General Membership Meeting tonight (Tuesday May 15) in the University Center, room 442 at 7:30pm.

Thank You.

Brian Gorman

CUPE 1334 Secretary Treasurer

May Day Rock Ceremony 2018

Read at the Ceremony:

Bertolt Brecht 1935

Questions From a Worker Who Reads

Who built Thebes of the 7 gates ?
In the books you will read the names of kings.
Did the kings haul up the lumps of rock ?

And Babylon, many times demolished,
Who raised it up so many times ?

In what houses of gold glittering Lima did its builders live ?
Where, the evening that the Great Wall of China was finished, did the masons go?

Great Rome is full of triumphal arches.
Who erected them ?

Over whom did the Caesars triumph ?
Had Byzantium, much praised in song, only palaces for its inhabitants ?

Even in fabled Atlantis, the night that the ocean engulfed it,
The drowning still cried out for their slaves.

The young Alexander conquered India.
Was he alone ?

Caesar defeated the Gauls.
Did he not even have a cook with him ?

Philip of Spain wept when his armada went down.
Was he the only one to weep ?

Frederick the 2nd won the 7 Years War.
Who else won it ?

Every page a victory.
Who cooked the feast for the victors ?

Every 10 years a great man.
Who paid the bill ?

So many reports.

So many questions.