OUWCC Conference

OUWCC Conference
– The conference was held at the University of Ottawa from February 20-23/15
– It was well attended with 83 registered delegates and several guests including National University Liason Leo Cheverie from P.E.I.
– Lots of discussion on W.T.F. (Where’s The Funding) Campaign which has received more funding.
– Also discussed was bargaining priorities. Our new co-ordinating bargaining date is 2019 after our current one which is 2016.

– Some of the other priorities discussed were new pension language(To gain access to pension committee’s especially to discuss J.S.P.P’s and wedge language, job security, workload/staffing levels, working condition’s, conversion language, benefit plans, job evaluation and wages.
– Also discussed was mental illness in the workplace with the intention of more attention for issues for worker’s and not just focused entirely on issues for students.
– Anti-Privatization will be re-named pro-public
– Faceless Doll Project: Sister Joanne Webb opened it up with a slide show and explanation of the campaign. Aboriginal girls were often given corn husk dolls to play with that had no faces. Each faceless doll represents a missing or murdered Aboriginal girls or women. There are more than 1200 missing or murdered Aboriginal girls or women to date. The panel that we made will hang at C.U,P.E. Ontario office before being sent to the organizer’s to join the tour of the panel’s